The registration of teams for the 4th student season of the “Bookshelf”

The First Public Broadcaster channel program “Bookshelf” announces the registration of student teams for the 4th student season from November 20 to December 20.

The desired team must:

Any undergraduate student can register with a team of students from the same high school, 3 players, on the Facebook page of the show or on the website of the First Public Broadcaster channel.

An interview will be organized with the registered team, as a result of which the creative team of “Bookshelf” will reveal 16 teams participating in the program.

The number of teams registered from one higher education institution is not limited.

The team member must meet the following criteria:

Must be a bachelor’s student in 2019-2020, With his teams must be a student of one particular school;

He should not be the winner of the previous season of the “Bookshelf”.

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