Closing meeting 2020 with partner companies of Georgian Aviation University

The Employment and Career Development Center of the Georgian Aviation University and the Quality Assurance Service organized the final meeting for 2020 with partner companies of the University.

Cooperation with partner companies is one of the most important factors for the Aviation University, so this meeting is a step forward in deepening the partnership and improving the efficiency of future joint work.

At the meeting, we discussed such topics as an accreditation of programs, the course of education during the Covid-19 pandemic, production practices, recommendations provided and reviewed by employers, etc.

Despite the tight schedule, the meeting was attended by the Civil Aviation Agency of Georgia, Mayway, Lasare Ltd, Sakaeronavigation Ltd, Terabank, Geo Sky, TCA, TAV Urban Georgia, and representatives of GNTC Delta.
On behalf of the Georgian Aviation University, the partner companies thank you once again for your cooperation.