Statement on Vocational Education Programs

Georgian Aviation University announces admission to the following vocational education programs:

1) Flight Exploitation of Aircraft (CPL-A),(Commercial Aircraft Pilot);

2) Flight Exploitation of Aircraft (CPL-H),(Commercial Helicopter Pilot);

3) Aircraft Maintenance (B1.1);

4) Aircraft Maintenance (B2). The programs are funded by the state!!!

Graduates of the program will gain knowledge and practical skills of EASA ( European Aviation Safety Agency) standards, which will make them competitive in the international arena. To enroll in the program you need:

Certificate of complete general education (12th grade) (Original);

B2 level English language certificate. (In case of certificate absence, the university will conduct an English language test on the spot);

Medical reference (for engineers- Form N100/a), (for pilots- First class Aviation Medical Certificate);

Proof of military registration;

Copy of ID card;

Statement on behalf of the University (application form is issued on the spot).

In addition, minors need:

Copy of birth certificate;

Copies of parent’s ID cards.

During the study period, students are exempted from compulsory military service!

Also, during the wishing to enter the Georgian Aviation University have the opportunity to take advantage of Terabank’s offer, which will make it easier for students to pay tuition fees.

For detailed information about the loan visit following link:ერთობლივი პროგრამა ათასწლეულის ფონდისა და ტერაბანკისგან – სს “ტერაბანკი” (

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