Master’s program at the Georgian Aviation University

We would like to inform you that admission to the Master’s program students is announced at the Georgian Aviation University.

Due to the mission of the University, the master’s program “Aircraft Technical Operation” is focused on training a qualified specialist in the field of aircraft technical operation.

The goals of the program are:

1) prepare a Master of Aircraft Technical Operation, who, after completing the educational program, will be able to manage the maintenance of aircraft;

2) Examine the existing local and international regulations in the field of aircraft maintenance, methods of their development and ways of their introduction and implementation;

3) Examine the functions, interdependence and responsibilities of aviation specialists, maintenance service organizations and aviation regulators for the effective conduct of the aircraft maintenance process;

Develop the ability to communicate with academia or the professional community in an appropriate The basis for obtaining the status of a student of the Master Program in Aircraft Technical Operation is to pass the general master exams in accordance with the rules established by the legislation of Georgia.

A prerequisite for obtaining the status is the submission of a B2 level English certificate, in the absence of which the relevant examination will be conducted by the University.

If the qualification of an aviation engineer is not confirmed for the student status, he / she must pass an internal specialization exam at the university to obtain the status.

Obtaining university student status can also be achieved through mobility or internal mobility. Admission requirements for the program and other relevant information related to admission are posted annually on the website and directory of the National Center for Assessment and Examinations. The above conditions for admission to the program are in accordance with applicable law.

As for the master’s program in air transport management. Its purpose is:

Training of qualified personnel in the field of air transport management, who will have a deep and systematic knowledge of innovative methods of management of aircraft enterprises, design and development of strategies.

The program is also focused on training a competitive air transport management specialist with practical skills.

Provide training for specialists in analytical, critical thinking, creative and scientific research skills in the context of airline strategic planning.

A bachelor’s degree or equivalent has the right to study for a master’s degree, which will be enrolled on the basis of the results of the relevant exams, which, along with the general master’s degree, requires specialization exams to be accepted according to university programs.

Candidates who have a certificate of English language proficiency at ALTE B2 level are exempted from English language testing, as well as a candidate who has completed a full or part-time bachelor’s or master’s degree in English.

In the absence of a certificate, the University will provide an examination. Enrollment in the program without passing the master’s exams is possible in accordance with the rules established by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.