Undergraduate Program

Program objectives:
  • The aim Bachelor’s program in Finance is to prepare qualified, competitive staff who will have extensive theoretical knowledge of a complex financial system and will be armed with the skills to effectively use the tools necessary to manage the financial activities of the organization.
  • The program also aims to develop the student’s practical skills needed to analyze, evaluate, and make decisions on issues related to corporate finance, banking, management, risk management, and behavior in financial markets, which will help build a career in both the private and public sectors.
  • The program provides development of analytical thinking, critical understanding of financial issues, data collection, processing, reliable and relevant findings, argumentation, and effective verbal and written communication skills.
The person having the state certificate on the full general education issued in Georgia or equated to it, according to the rules established by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Georgia, has the right to study under the bachelor’s program on Finance at the Georgian Aviation University.
The right to receive the status of a student without a single national examination is possible on the basis of rules established by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. Eligibility for the program may also be obtained through mobility or internal mobility in accordance with Georgian law and the requirements of the University’s internal regulations.
Enrolment in a bachelor’s program or transfer from a recognized higher education institution abroad is based on a decision of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Georgia.
Faculty General Compulsory Subjects 
Math 1 (for business)
Fundamentals of Academic Writing
Computer skills
Math 2 (for business)
Business ethics
Foreign language module
English language B1
Intensive English language 1
English language B2
Intensive English language 2
Professional English language I
Professional English language II
Faculty General Elective 
History of Georgia and world civilization
Specialty Compulsory Subjects
Business basics
Theory of finance
Probability theory
Economics of civil aviation
Basics of accounting
Fundamentals of management
Statistics in economics and business
Basics of marketing
Financial accounting and reporting
Human resource management
Corporate finance
Basics of banking
Managerial accounting
Operational management
Tax code
Accounting in banks
Organizational behavior
International business
Business law
Accounting in the subjects of public law
Economic analysis of airlines
Project management
Strategic management
Information technology in accounting
Undergraduate thesis
Elective components of basic specialty
Public finances
Fundamentals of logistics
Financial institutions and markets
Risk management in business
International economic relations
Free components