Doctoral Program

In accordance with the mission of the University, the Doctoral Program “Air transport exploitation and technologies” is focused on training highly qualified specialists with theoretically prepared and practical skills in this field to improve the efficiency of flight operations and ensure flight safety.
The main objectives of this program are:
On the basis of theoretical and experimental research, the doctoral candidate will be provided with in-depth knowledge for the scientific evaluation of problems arising in the operation of air transport, and for the development of methods for their implementation – to implement, improve field efficiency and ensure flight safety.
  • Providing the doctoral candidate a deep and thorough knowledge of the skills of instantaneous orientation in dynamic and rapidly changing environments to manage processes and events and effectively influence them in the context of air transport flights, to use appropriate tools.
  • Develop the doctoral candidate in accordance with modern requirements, which will motivate him to identify the main factors and conditions that will significantly affect the development of the industry, the career of the doctor, using methods and models of scientific research.
  • The doctoral candidate will develop the competencies of the educational program in accordance with the requirements of the labor market, the skills of scientific vision, analysis and objective evaluation of events, as well as pedagogical activity, and the possession of the latest knowledge to ensure safety.
A person who holds a master’s degree or an equivalent academic degree in Georgia is entitled to study under the doctoral program “Air transport exploitation and technologies” in accordance with the rules established by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports of Georgia.
If an aviation engineer’s qualification is not confirmed for student status, he or she must take an internal specialized examination at the university to obtain that status.
Eligibility for the program can also be obtained through mobility or internships in accordance with Georgian law and in accordance with the Aviation University’s internal regulations.
The specific conditions for admission to and completion of an educational program are set out in the “Doctoral and Dissertation Council Regulations”.

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