Undergraduate Program

Aims of the Program is to:

  • Train maintenance specialists relevant to European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) standards. After implementation of education program aviation specialist shall be competitive on local and international markets and, within own competence shall assure aircraft maintenance with one of the two bellow listed directions.
  • B1.1 – maintenance of structural elements, equipment, systems and powerplant of an aircraft;
  • B2 – maintenance of aircraft instruments, avionics and electrical systems of an aircraft.
  • Complete general education
  • B2 level English language certificate or passing relevant exam determined by university
  • medical document form №IV -100/A“, health certificate

Obligatory General Modules

Information Literacy 2


Entrepreneurship 3


Profession/Sector oriented modules 





Electrical fundamentals 


Basic Aerodynamics


Human factors


Aviation legislation



Digital techniques and electronic instrument systems B1


Electronic fundamentals B1


Material and hardware B1


Maintenance practices B1


Turbine aircraft aerodynamics, structures and systems (B1.1)


Gas Turbine Engines




Practice 1 (B1)


Practice 2 (B1.1)



Digital techniques and electronic instrument systems B2


Electronic fundamentals B2


Maintenance practice B2


Aircraft aerodynamics, structures and systems




Materials and hardware B2


Practice 1 (B2)


Practice 2 (B2)