Undergraduate Program

Program Objectives:
Consistent with the mission of the university, the undergraduate program in Technical Exploitation of Aircraft is focused on preparing qualified professionals in the field of aircraft maintenance. The primary objective of the undergraduate degree in this specialty is to:
  • To provide the graduate with a broad knowledge of aircraft engines and avionics and electrical systems maintenance that will enable him/her to master the practical aspects of aircraft maintenance services;
  • Based on the theoretical knowledge and skills acquired, to orient modern aircraft maintenance technology in a dynamic and rapidly changing environment;
  • Development of industry competencies defined by the educational program, development of skills of objective evaluation of processes;
  • Preparation of adequate qualified, competitive aviation specialists, meeting the requirements of the labor market, who will be given the opportunity to work in positions where a bachelor’s degree in aviation technology is required.
A person who has a state certificate of complete general education or equivalent issued in Georgia has the right to study in the program in accordance with the rules established by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports of Georgia based on the results of the Unified National Exams.
Eligibility for student status without the Unified National Exams is possible on the basis of the rules established by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports of Georgia. Eligibility can also be obtained through mobility or internal mobility in accordance with Georgian legislation and the requirements of the internal regulatory rules of the University.
For those who have studied for the last 2 years and received a certificate of complete general education or basic general education, a document of recognition of education in a general education institution located in the occupied territory, provided by the Law of Georgia on Occupied Territories, is required.

Fundamentals of  Scientific Research

High school Pedagogy

Foreign language oriented on profession (English)

Academic writing

The human factor in aviation

Environmental problems in Civil aviation

Air navigation

Automated design systems

Management and reliability of moving objects

Flight dynamics

Microcontrollers and their programming

Management of aircraft maintenance services

Ground Radio location and Radio navigation systems and devices

Aviation computer systems

Navigation satellite systems

Computer design of flying machine systems

Aviation Meteorology (Atmospheric Physics)

Professional practice

Performing and defending a Master’s work