Current research:

  • Design and manufacture of cable aircraft.
  • Control methods using new information technologies of unmanned aerial vehicles in a single airspace.
  • Optimization of wing aerodynamic parameters of agricultural and fire-fighting purpose aircrafts.
  • Improving the efficiency of air propellers by optimizing their geometric shapes.
  • Creating an experimental instrument for measuring mass and quantity of the foreign bodies into the flow parts of aircraft gas turbine engines.

It is noteworthy that a group of scientists from the Aviation University, closely cooperates with the team of scientists of JSC “Tam” Tbilaviamsheni and the Scientific-Technical Center of JSC “Delta”, also with the Raphael Dvali Institute of Mechanical Engineering, in the interests of the field joint seminars and scientific conferences are held, joint scientific projects are being carried out.

Research visits of doctoral and master students abroad:

Aviation Institute, Lietuva, December 2019

Berlin, Germany, 2019

Webinar. Vienna, Austria, 2020

Webinar. UK, Westerham, 2020