Undergraduate Program

Aim of the Program is to:

  • Acquire student with wide knowledge of aviation field, that shall allow one to master practical activities in design and manufacture of aerial vehicles;
  • Give bachelor ability for enhancing theoretical knowledge with practical activities, development of theoretical knowledge and transferable skills, orientation within dynamic and altering environment of aerial vehicle’s design and manufacture technologies;
  • Develop graduate competences determined by educational program and skills for complex view of events and objective evaluation of processes;
  • Prepare qualified and competitive aviation specialist, adequate to labor market who shall be given possibility to work on positions requiring academic level of Bachelor of engineering in mechanical engineering and technologies.

Person holding certificate of complete general education issued in Georgia or any document equaling to it has right to study at undergraduate program, according to rule (based on results of unified national examinations) set by the Ministry of Education, Sciences, Culture and Sport of Georgia.

Receiving student’s status without passing unified national examinations is possible based on rules set by the Ministry of Education, Sciences, Culture and Sport of Georgia. Receiving right for education at educational program is also possible through mobility or inner mobility considering current legislation of Georgia and inner regulatory rules of the University.

Recognition of educational document is required for persons, who for the last 2 years have been studying at general education establishments located at occupied territories considered by law of Georgia over “Occupied territories”, and have received certificate of complete general or basic general education.

Higher mathematics 1 (linear algebra and analytic geometry)
Higher Mathematics 2 (Mathematical Analysis)
Higher Mathematics 3 (Differential and Integral Accounting)
Physics 1 (Mechanics and molecular physics)
Physics 2 (Electricity, Magnetism, and Optics)
General chemistry
Computer skills
Engineering Graphics
Machine drawing
Computer graphics package (AutoCAD)
Basics of academic writing
English B1
Intensive English 1
English B2
Intensive English 2
Professional English I
Professional English II
History of Georgia and World Civilization
Theoretical Mechanics (Statics, Kinematics)
Aircraft building materials
Electrical engineering and electronics
Theoretical Mechanics (Dynamics)
Automated Design Systems (CATIA)
Material durability
Aircraft engines
 Flight dynamics
Mechanisms and machine parts
Interchangeability, metrology, and standardization
Technology for manufacturing aircraft parts
Aircraft reliability report
Aircraft Industry I
Aircraft Industry II
Aircraft assembly and assembly techniques
International civil aviation organizations and air law
Diagnostics and reliability of aviation equipment
Aviation equipment and pilot navigation systems
Aircraft functional systems
Aircraft design and construction
Design and installation of assembly connections
Aviation Economics and Management
Occupational Health and Safety
Engineering ecology and environmental protection
Working practice
Bachelor’s work