Graduate Program

The aims of the program are:
The Master of Aviation Finance Program is aimed at training a socially responsible and highly qualified specialist in the field of finance who will have:
  • Functional and transfer competencies with deep and systematic knowledge of the specialty;
  • Strong analytical, scientific research and practical skills;
  • This will allow graduates to analyze, critically assess modern theories, models, and practices of finance; Hold high positions in financial management, as well as obtain higher education.
A person holding Bachelor’s or any equaling academic degree has the right to study at the graduate program, who shall be accepted based on results of the relevant exams that consider passing specialization exams of the university along with Unified Master’s Examinations. The holding of a B2 level English certificate is also required.
Candidates who hold ALTE B2 level English certificate and/or have completely or partially passed undergraduate or graduate courses in the English language shall be free from English language testing.
In case of the absence of the certificate, the university ensures the organization of the exam. Receiving a student’s status without passing Unified Master’s Examinations is possible based on rules set by the Ministry of Education, Sciences, Culture, and Sport of Georgia. Receiving the right for education at an educational program is also possible through mobility or inner mobility considering the current legislation of Georgia and the inner regulatory rules of the University.

Faculty General Compulsory Subjects

Academic writing

Higher school pedagogy

International air law

Specialty Compulsory Components 

Research methods in business

Financial accounting

Practical economics in aviation

Global business

Airline business and Global Airlines

Managerial accounting

Performance management  (ACCA F5)

Aviation finances

Financial analysis in aviton

Financial reporting (ACCA F7)

Financial control

Financial management (ACCA F9)

Professional practice

Master’s thesis

Specialty Selective Components

Airline marketing and management

International finance

Investment management strategies