The company GeoSim is announcing a vacancy for the position of an electrician

Education and / or:
• Undergraduate or vocational technical education;
• It is possible to accept graduate students part-time;
• Special courses according to the required skills.

Skills (at least four out of six listed):
• Work with electrical panels;
• Simple and less complicated emails. Read, compile and assemble diagrams;
• In simple and less complex mechanisms e. Layout and installation of circuits;
• E-mail of turn control and servo motor control blocks. Involvement in systems.
• Connect mobile and servo motor control blocks to digital technologies.

Experience (at least four out of six listed):
• In the field of production of modern radio-electrical and digital technologies, even at the amateur level (preferably in the field of aviation);
• Work with electrical panels;
• Laying and installation of electrical circuits;
• Use of turn and servo motors, as well as their control blocks, even at the amateur level.
• Other experience in related areas

Knowledge of languages:

• Georgian

• Russian or English on average

Personal qualities

• Accuracy of visual perception and manual execution of the product (eye and hand accuracy);

• Respect for discipline and moderate pedantry;

• Love of work and a sense of responsibility;

• Purposefulness and desire for professional growth.

Work environment:

• Tbilisi, Isani-Samgori district;

• Mini-factory, production of aircraft simulators and its details;

• Closed building with heating;

• Eight-hour work schedule 09: 00-18: 00, break 13: 00-14: 00;

First month probationary period, followed by two months of paid internship (distance work schedule possible).

If you are interested, please send your resume to the following address: (be sure to indicate the vacancy title in the title field) no later than March 17.

Note: With Georgian, it is desirable to submit a CV in Russian or English.