The Modular Plus ATPL program

Program Description
The Modular Plus ATPL program will allow you to obtain an ATPL license step by step, in a modular approach through a series of individual courses and licenses that you can take according to your own schedule and needs. Because you can get credit for previous aeronautical experience that you may have, this program will allow you to tailor your ATPL training to your actual situation, taking advantage of any license you may already hold.   Because each module or course is independent from the others, and will provide you with an individual license or qualification, you don’t need to take them all at once. Instead, you can set the pace at which you will undertake each module and acquire all the knowledge and experience required to qualify for your ATPL license, which you will obtain once you have completed all the modules. Along the way, you will also obtain all the individual qualifications such as PPL, CPL, ME-IR and MCC, after completing each module.    
Enrollment requirements  
An applicant for a ATPL modular shall be at least 17 years of age. Have a  Class 1-2 medical certificate. Hold English language certificate at least B2 or English Exam at the University.
Program Duration
The duration of your training will depend on the number of modules you need to take and the pace at which you pass each one. However, the typical duration of the entire programme usually falls between 12 and 18 months total.  
Program structure  
To begin your modular ATPL training it is a prerequisite to hold a Pilot license, whether a PPL or a CPL, so, in case you are starting from scratch your first step will be obtaining a Private Pilot License.   Once you have obtained your PPL, you are allowed to begin with your ATPL modular training.   Students starts ATPL theory training meanwhile he/she is flying and building his/her flight hours 100 hours. Please see the Distance learning ATPL course.   Next step is ME rating. 7 hours training.   This course will add a VFR, multiengine class rating to your PPL and prepare you for the upcoming Instrument rating module, because having already the ME will simplify the task of adding the required full ME/IR rating to your track.   Next step will be to pass the ATPL Theory exams to demonstrate that you have acquired all the required theoretical learning objectives.   Next step will be ME-IR training 45 hours. Armed with your Multiengine PPL and the approved ATPL exams, you will move on to do one of the most important modules on your Aviation career, the Instrument Rating (IR).   This module will learn you how to fly under IFR and shoot any kind of instrument approach on your airplane. Remember that, since you already passed the ATPL exams, you are not required to take any theory here, just the flight training required to demonstrate your ability in the air.   If you already got your ME rating, you will add only 5 hrs of multi-engine IR time to obtain a IR multiengine qualification, to complete your PPL license with the unrestricted ME/IR ratings.   Next, its time to convert your PPL with ME/IR ratings, to a full Commercial Pilot License with all the attributions of a professional pilot (CPL).   This course will let you prove that your flight standards are up to the required qualification for a professional pilot, and will sharpen your skills to a level you could not even dream of before. Abnormal attitudes and basic aerobatic training will help you pass your Commercial test with flying colors.   Again, no theory is required since you have already demonstrated your knowledge by passing the ATPL exams, which include all the required CPL topics.   Being already a fully qualified Commercial Pilot, with your CPL license, Frozen ATPL, and your ME/IR ratings under your belt, you can opt in for many jobs in the Aviation Industry, flying single-pilot certified airplanes.   But, if you plan to be type-rated and fly in multi-crew environments (such as in any moder airliner) you will need to demonstrate also your ability to cooperate and work as a team in the cockpit.  
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