Vocational Education Program

This program aims to prepare highly qualified and competitive personnel forinternational market, whose competence in the field of Air Transport Exploitation fully meets the requirements of the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).

  • Complete general education
  • Age: 17
  • Class 1 medical certificate issued by Approved Aviation Medical Center.
  • B2 English language certificate or passing relevant exam determined by the University.

Duration of education process is two years with total number of credits 59 -1475 hours.

education program covers general, common profession/sector oriented and CPL-H modules

1. Two general modules, total number of credits 6, which includes:

  • Information Literacy;
  • Entrepreneurship;

2. profession/sector oriented modules – 38 credits, which includes:

  • Air law;
  • Aircraft Structure, Systems and Powerplant;
  • Instrumentation;
  • Mass and Balance;
  • Helicopter Performance;
  • Flight Planning and Monitoring;
  • Human performance;
  • General Navigation;
  • Radio Navigation;
  • Operational Procedures;
  • Helicopter Principles of Flight;
  • VFR radio Communication.

3. Specialized profession/sector oriented modules – 15 credits, which Includes:

  • Flight Practice 1 on a Helicopter;
  • Flight Practice 2 on a Helicopter;
  • Flight Practice 3 on a Helicopter;

Education program includes theoretical and practical components, where practical component considers flight training in amount of 135 flight hours.

Implementation of vocation program shall start with general modules, followed by common profession/sector oriented modules through curated system, practical component is determined for the last stage of the program