Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values


Our mission is to provide the public with years of experience in aviation field and based on international standards of high education and training of aviation, avia engineering and business administration faculties.

Train qualified graduates and to promote their personal qualities that will help them to become professionals. By developing a culture of research and discovery and creating new knowledge, we respond to the local and global challenges of aviation.


Our vision is to become a competitive aviation education player of the Black Sea region. Gaining international recognition by implementing programs certified to European standards and providing access to more Georgian and Foreign students.

Contribute to Georgia’s economic and social progress and integrate the country into the international arena by creating and sharing new aviation knowledge.


Georgian Aviation University’s unique experience sets on values based on the principles of teamwork, ethical and responsible behavior, constant drive for development and professionalism, dedication to the field, and recognizing that each member of the University carries out their mission and strategy implementation.