Training Centers

Training Centers


On the basis of the Georgian Aviation University operates International Aviation Training Center which implement training, retraining and confirmation of the qualifications of aviation personnel in many directions.
The Training center has a certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Agency of Georgia.



An international aviation training center, certified by the Civil Aviation Agency of Georgia, operates on the basis of the Aviation University of Georgia. It actively carries out the training and retraining of aviation personnel and certification of qualifications in many directions.
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Head of International Training Center
Deputy Head of the center

Training Center for Technical Service of Aviation Equipment

Training of highly qualified engineering and technical personnel is the function of training center for technical service of aviation equipment. The center is certified by the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency (GCAA) and implements programs that comply with the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) standards. With the certificate of the technical service training center, graduates are given the opportunity to obtain a technical service specialist degree and be employed in both Georgian and foreign airline companies.
Certificate of the Civil Aviation Training Institution