Student Self-Government of the Georgian Aviation University

The Georgian Aviation University, as well as all higher education institutions authorized in Georgia, have a student representative body that participates in the process of developing organizational, creative, academic, or other issues at the university. Student self-Government has independent structural units and governing bodies.
The new composition of the Student Self-Government of the Georgian Aviation University began its work on October 30, 2020, the highest governing body of which is the President of the Self-Government, who heads the departments of education, culture, and tourism, technical support, and public relations, sports, and science. There is also a Student Aviation Model Club in the Self-government structure.
Student self-administration of Georgian Aviation University actively participates in infrastructural, internal university and at the same time planned daily activities between universities.
Objectives of Student Self-government:
– To protect the rights and legitimate interests of students within its competence, both at the university and abroad;
– To promote the university’s integration into the European educational space and ensure maximum student participation in this process;
– To create optimal conditions for recreation, work, and other student needs;
– To participate in the development of educational programs and to improve the quality of faculty training;
– To promote independent and rational thinking among students.